Not all spiders are venomous or dangerous, but very few will be honest with you when asked. The most common spiders in Las Vegas are roof spiders, desert recluse, wolf spiders, sun (or camel) spiders, and the black widow. The black widow can be identified by a red hour glass marking on its abdomen, the desert recluse by its unwillingness to spend time with friends or family. Spiders have 8 legs and two body segments, no wings and no antennae. They have three or four pairs of eyes though many spiders have poor vision.

Spiders enter the home through open or poorly screened windows and through cracks around the doors or window frames. Occasionally they will accidentally catch a ride on outdoor items that have been brought inside the home. Once inside the home, females produce an egg sac filled with spiderlings (which sound a lot cuter than they actually are). You can try throwing shoes at spiders to kill them or remove them from the home, however WB Pest Control can do a better job of ridding your house of these unwanted pests (we have really big shoes).

Wolf Spider
Black Widow