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Don't Let Bugs Get the Best of You

When you find pests on your property you must act quickly. Their infestation will multiply and may provide an environment for more creatures to find their way into your home. There is no time to wait to eliminate them.

Where can you turn to get rid of the problem?

WrongYou can try eradicating them yourself. But the poisons and traps sold at your local hardware story can be toxic to your family and pets, and work only for a limited amount of time.

WrongThe Internet has thousands of "home remedies" that are cheap and environmentally friendly. These solutions tend to be even less effective than the store-bought counterparts. While you are trying out these ineffective treatments, the problem continues to get worse.

Save yourself time and money!

RightThe best solution is to call WB Pest Control. We know the pests that invade Las Vegas homes. Our quick-response team will rush on over to address the problem the first time.

RightWe have the experience to know which fast-acting and environmentally-safe chemicals will work best in your environment. We treat the inside of your home and provide a comprehensive barrier on the outside so they won't find their way back into your home.

What Our Customers Are Saying

WB purchased the business from my former Pest Control provider. Since WB has been servicing my property, I have had ZERO bugs. I have no ants, roaches, spiders, etc. They call me the day before and always show up on time. My dogs like our rep (who always brings my girls Milkbones). They always lock my gate. I have never been happier with any other Pest Control service.

--Steve Z.

Ryan has put together a first class, professional pest control company from the ground up. His technicians always call ahead; are on time and are thorough and effective. The company trucks are clean and well-kept. They are hands down the best pest control company we’ve ever used and I highly recommend them.

--Marva W.

Those of us at Tech Center Executive Suites are completely thrilled with the exceptional service we receive from WB Pest Control. Ryan has put together a first-rate team that clearly takes pride in their work. We would highly recommend this company to everyone.

--Tammy G.

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