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"Our Service Is Our Reference"

Stop the cycle of pest infestation.

Scouts from neighboring colonies go in search of new territory. They find a way into your home, a good source of food and water, and a comfortable place to hang their hats. Then, they notify the colony, get cozy and make the place their own. Workers arrive and begin to breed, creating a whole new colony in no time. It's never just a few roaches, a handful of ants, or a couple of bed bugs. These insects, rats, scorpions and spiders are now everywhere... in your children's play room, in your pet's favorite bed, in your kitchen cabinets. Now it's an infestation.

Option 1

Take matters into your own hands. Remember to remove all humans and animals from the home as these items are not just poisonous to insects, but to your family as well. If you are looking to go a more natural route, there are thousands of "home remedies" on the internet. While these won't harm your 2-legged or 4-legged loved ones, they won't harm your pests either. While you are shopping and spraying, the bugs, rats, pigeons, scorpions, and spiders are multiplying... quickly. You may kill the workers, but you won't even mildly irritate the queens. These "DIY" solutions only work for a limited time and never really get to the crux of the problem. Plus... bugs. Do you really want to do this yourself?

Option 2

Call WB Pest Control, and take your family out for a nice stroll in the park while we eradicate and exterminate your squatters. We know the pests that invade Las Vegas homes (no, we can't get rid of your in-laws), and our quick-response team will rush over to fix the problem, and help you sleep tight. Our chemicals are fast-acting, environmentally safe, and tailored to eradicate your specific pest problem (we can't help with old college roommates either). We will treat the inside of your home, and provide a comprehensive barrier around the outside so they won't find their way back in.
  • Sandra Nagell
    WB is the best quality pest control I have ever used. Also the staff is amazing! I really like that there are no contacts (not that I'll change anyway) and the price is right. I will keep using and referring WB pest control.
    Ashley N.

Common Pests

Have you ever woken up to your dog barking at the walls? Does your roof look like a scene from Hitchcock's The Birds? Have you ever turned on the light, only to have a family of insects (second cousins included) scatter?

You have pests.

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Why Choose Us?

Do it right the first time. Save yourself time, money, and that creepy crawly feeling!


We take the guesswork out of which chemicals will be effective on the pest.

Child and Pet Safe

Our treatment will not harm your child or pet. We use the same products on our homes and office.

Friendly Service

Our technicians will answer all of your questions about the pests you have and our treatment plan.

Great Savings

Our service will save you time and money to keep those pests away.

Easy Scheduling

You can rely on us to treat your home or office every month. No contracts so you can cancel any time.

Peace of Mind

There is one less thing to worry about when you have WB Pest Control servicing your home or office.

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We will survey your property and let you know what it will take to protect it.
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