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  • Sandra Nagell

    WB is the best quality pest control I have ever used. Also the staff is amazing! I really like that there are no contacts (not that I'll change anyway) and the price is right. I will keep using and referring WB pest control.

    Ashley N.

Common Pests

Have you ever woken up to your dog barking at the walls? Does your roof look like a scene from Hitchcock's The Birds? Have you ever turned on the light, only to have a family of insects (second cousins included) scatter?

You have pests.

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Why Choose Us?

Do it right the first time. Save yourself time, money, and that creepy crawly feeling!


We take the guesswork out of which chemicals will be effective on the pest.

Child and Pet Safe

Our treatment will not harm your child or pet. We use the same products on our homes and office.

Friendly Service

Our technicians will answer all of your questions about the pests you have and our treatment plan.

Great Savings

Our service will save you time and money to keep those pests away.

Easy Scheduling

You can rely on us to treat your home or office every month.

Peace of Mind

One less thing to worry about when WB Pest Control services your home or office.

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We will survey your property and let you know what it will take to protect it.
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