Not nearly as charming as their 80's hair band counterpart, scorpions are an unfortunate reality of living in the desert. Venomous arachnids with eight legs, these little nasties carry a stinger on their tails. Their venom can cause pain, nausea, numbness, vomiting, breathing difficulties, and rocking back and forth in the corner mumbling "Why me?".

Scorpions have been in Vegas for generations, however they have increased in numbers since the introduction of the Bark Scorpion. Not fans of the winter months, scorpions seek warmer environments as the temperatures drop, finding their way into your home.

There have been no reported human deaths from scorpion stings, however they can be very dangerous to our furry family members. If you have scorpions in your home, a professional exterminator is just a phone call away.

Scorpion Cleanout Service

Scorpions will hunt in and around your home and vegetation for insects, centipedes, mice, lizards and even other scorpions. When out hunting, they may occasionally find their way into your home or place of business through gaps in doorways, open windows and other cracks or gaps. They can shrink down to the thickness of a credit card and squeeze into an area the size of a paper clip. Our team of licensed pest control technicians at WB Pest Control know scorpions and how to help.

Our initial visit is an intense treatment of the interior and exterior of your home including the perimeter and yard. Your technician will inspect your home for ways of entry and advise you on a plan to seal off those points. With regular monthly scorpion service, WB Pest Control will use top-notch pesticides to keep the scorpions at bay and work to keep the population in control. WB Pest Control also offers black lighting services to our clients as well, which can help to reduce the population faster as well as allow us to find the areas of greatest concentration. Unfortunately, with scorpions and their habits, we cannot guarantee complete elimination, but we can keep the numbers to a minimum and drastically reduce the population around your home or business.

Our team at WB Pest Control is greatly concerned with your family as we are with ours and we only use the products which we've found in our experience and the industry to be the best at reducing scorpion sightings. If you are dealing with scorpions, don't delay, give us a call today at +1(702) 866-BROS (2767)