If you have rats in your home that mutated due to toxic ooze exposure and now train your family in the art of ninjutsu, that's amazing. If you have regular ol' carrying-disease-and-terrorizing-your-family rats, please give us a call.

Roof rats are commonly found in Las Vegas as are Norway rats. Also called brown or sewer rats, Norway rats can grow up to 13-16 inches long and are not native to Las Vegas (but let's be honest, who is?) and have likely hitched a ride here on building materials shipped in from out of state. Much like tourists, once they get here they like to party. These rodents are randy, multiplying quickly, living in polygamous colonies and mating year round in some areas. Female roof rats can reproduce at 3-5 months old, give birth to a litter and mate again after approximately 18 hours after childbirth. Norway rats are equally... fruitful.

Roof rats feed on vegetation, eating fruits, grains, seeds, and whatever you just brought home from the Farmer's Market. Norway rats eat just about everything. The biggest danger to your kitchen is not their appetites, but contamination from their urine or feces. Once their droppings have dried, they can break apart releasing airborne particles. Attempts to clean this can prove dangerous without proper protection.

If you see rats (or more likely, rat poop) in our around your home, keep your family safe by calling WB Pest Control.

Rodent Removal Service

Very destructive and becoming a bigger issue in the valley is the presence of rats, particularly the roof rat. Chewing through wiring to lighting, damaging a/c systems and destroying plumbing are some of a rat's habits. WB Pest Control's team of licensed technicians are trained in preventive measures, including exclusion and elimination practices for the control of rodents.

Our first visit will require an inspection of the property and communication with you regarding activity and where you've seen or heard it. Your technician will locate any signs of concern as well as intrusion points into your home or roof and set up a plan of action for your location. We will implement the proper steps to eliminate these pests from your home or business as well as work with you on regular service to keep them from returning and becoming another problem.

Though rodents can be cute and fun in kids' cartoons, they are no laughing matter when it comes to your home or place of business. A rodent issue at your place of work can put you down for several days by chewing through your power lines or just being visible to your clientele, turning away current and potential customers. Your dedicated professionals at WB Pest Control are here to help, call us for more information or to schedule an appointment at +1(702) 866-BROS (2767)