When the human race becomes extinct, cockroaches will still be roaming the earth, feeding off delightful yellow snack cakes with cream filling and canned "cheese". They are found throughout the world and can range in length from 0.1 to 3.2 inches. The most common types in Las Vegas are Oriental (a reddish-brown or black hue), American (dark in color and sometimes called the water bug or palmetto bug), and field roaches. Like scorpions, they do not enjoy the cold and seek safe harbor inside our homes during the colder months.

While they do not bite or sting, cockroaches do carry bacteria on their bodies that can contaminate food and be dangerous to humans and pets.

Cockroaches are made up of three body parts: the thorax, the middle section which has six legs and two wings and the abdomen. They have long antennae atop their heads, used for sensing the environment. What they don't sense is you calling WB Pest Control to get rid of them.

German Cockroach Cleanout Service

German cockroaches pose a bit of a nuisance and can have health concerns associated with their presence. They are unclean and are known to carry diseases which can affect humans. Small, reddish brown and having two vertical lines running down their back, German cockroaches can be easily identified and yet early on, difficult to detect. Once a concern of German roaches is found, WB Pest Control's team of licensed technicians can devise a plan to begin eliminating these pests from your home.

A German roach clean-out service involves flushing, treatment, baiting and follow-up/monitoring of the issue. Your licensed technician will work with you to develop the best plan of eradicating these pests and also advise you with ongoing practices that will help to keep your home free of these invaders.

Complete help from the client is necessary in removing German cockroaches from a home. Upkeep of the kitchen and bathroom areas are vital to the success of the treatment, to include; the removal of food sources as well as the clean-up of debris under the sinks. Garbage taken out regularly will keep their food sources down, only giving them the baits to feed on.

At WB Pest Control, we will service and educate you on their habits as well as provide preventive measures to keep it from becoming a problem again.