The vampires of the pest world, bed bugs are not afraid of crosses or holy water, they do not shimmer in sunlight and they certainly don't need to be invited in. These flat oval insects can range from 4 to 5 mm and appear swollen and reddish brown after they've feasted—on you.

Travelers at heart and with no regard for AAA's rating system, bed bugs most often hide out in mattress seams, sheets, and any other small cracks in your hotel room. They then trek across the room, settle into your luggage and enjoy the trip back to your home.

Female bed bugs can lay between 200 and 500 eggs in their lifetime and each bed bug can live around 300 days with an adequate food supply (that would be your family). Signs of a bed bug infestation include seeing the actual bugs (they look like an apple seed), finding skins (as they mature, they shed), bed bug poop (black or brown stains on porous surfaces, or piles on nonporous surfaces), and what you would probably notice first: Bites. Bed bug bites can cause red welts on your skin, and many sleepless nights wondering when the next one will strike.

If you've got bed bugs, you need a professional. Call WB Pest Control and we will make sure that you sleep tight.

Bed Bug Eradication Service

Bed bugs can be very difficult to control and if you are not a licensed pest control technician, it can be almost impossible. Bed bugs are very small and can hide almost anywhere. They can be brought home from the nicest hotels and cleanliness is not always an issue with getting bed bugs. Detecting an early infestation of bed bugs is difficult, but at WB Pest Control we are trained to find and spot early signs.

We will detect the problem, devise a plan of attack, implement that plan and regularly follow-up as well as monitor your home to ensure the problem stays under control and any new issues are handled quickly.

At WB Pest Control, we provide you with the ultimate in products and techniques, which eliminate bed bugs at their earliest points. Preparation by the client is of utmost importance as well. Linens removed and laundered at the highest heat possible as well as items removed from dresser drawers and gone through. Also, covering mattresses and box springs with protective covers to assist in trapping and monitoring the progress of treatments, are steps required by the tenants. Most services for bed bugs require, 3-4 treatments over a period of several months. We will work with you to find where the problem came from and also how to try and prevent it from becoming a concern again.

To keep the "bed bugs from biting" which will allow you to "sleep tight", please contact us at +1(702) 866-BROS (2767) for a free quote.