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The greater Las Vegas area has a number of pest control companies serving its residents. It can be kind of tough to know which one to choose. The services offered may all seem similar; after all there are only so many pests in Las Vegas. However, there is a big difference.

What separates WB Pest Control from the other pest control companies out there is our commitment to customer satisfaction. Sure, we could swing by your place and spend just 5 minutes to spray the perimeter for bugs. However we aspire to give you the same care and treatment we apply at our homes and business. We go the extra mile in making sure that you don't draw in more pests. Clearing out cobwebs, and small leaf and dust piles by the front door, making sure the chemicals we use won't harm your pets or children. This extra time, care and attention is why our clients love what we do.

Try our service for one month to see if you love us as much as we love helping you.

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Bedbug Eradication

Bed bugs can be very difficult to control and if you are not a licensed pest control technician, it can be almost impossible. Bed bugs are very small and can hide almost anywhere. They can be brought home from the nicest hotels and cleanliness is not always an issue with getting bed bugs. Detecting an early infestation of bed bugs is difficult, but at WB Pest Control we are trained to find and spot early signs.

We will detect the problem, devise a plan of attack, implement that plan and regularly follow-up as well as monitor your home to ensure the problem stays under control and any new issues are handled quickly.

At WB Pest Control, we provide you with the ultimate in products and techniques, which eliminate bed bugs at their earliest points. Preparation by the client is of utmost importance as well. Linens removed and laundered at the highest heat possible as well as items removed from dresser drawers and gone through. Also, covering mattresses and box springs with protective covers to assist in trapping and monitoring the progress of treatments, are steps required by the tenants. Most services for bed bugs require, 3-4 treatments over a period of several months. We will work with you to find where the problem came from and also how to try and prevent it from becoming a concern again.

To keep the "bed bugs from biting" which will allow you to "sleep tight", please contact us at +1(702) 866-BROS (2767) for a free quote.

German Cockroach Cleanout

German cockroaches pose a bit of a nuisance and can have health concerns associated with their presence. They are unclean and are known to carry diseases which can affect humans. Small, reddish brown and having two vertical lines running down their back, German cockroaches can be easily identified and yet early on, difficult to detect. Once a concern of German roaches is found, WB Pest Control's team of licensed technicians can devise a plan to begin eliminating these pests from your home.

A German roach clean-out service involves flushing, treatment, baiting and follow-up/monitoring of the issue. Your licensed technician will work with you to develop the best plan of eradicating these pests and also advise you with ongoing practices that will help to keep your home free of these invaders.

Complete help from the client is necessary in removing German cockroaches from a home. Upkeep of the kitchen and bathroom areas are vital to the success of the treatment, to include; the removal of food sources as well as the clean-up of debris under the sinks. Garbage taken out regularly will keep their food sources down, only giving them the baits to feed on.

At WB Pest Control, we will service and educate you on their habits as well as provide preventive measures to keep it from becoming a problem again.

Pigeon Exclusion

From that clean car to droppings on your front door step, pigeons can be a nuisance from the largest of buildings to the smallest of apartment homes. In significant amounts, pigeon droppings have been known to kill trees and even cause ceilings to collapse. The birds themselves may be host to insect pests such as fleas and lice, and their nest building activity can clog pipes, block ventilation systems and if a nest is built near electrical equipment, can create a serious fire hazard. Needless to say, you don't want pigeons in or around food facilities.

We at WB Pest Control realize the need for control of pigeons and our team of licensed technicians know the best way to keep them away from you. Your technician will arrive with the knowledge necessary to inspect your home and advise you on the specific methods that are most appropriate to keep them from roosting or nesting on your property. Through spiking, netting and caging, we will apply the best methods to keep away these unwanted pests. We will also include a plan on how to make your home less attractive to these birds in the future.

If you're tired of dealing with pigeons making your place unsightly, give us a call (702) 866-BROS (2767).

Rodent Removal

Very destructive and becoming a bigger issue in the valley is the presence of rats, particularly the roof rat. Chewing through wiring to lighting, damaging a/c systems and destroying plumbing are some of a rat's habits. WB Pest Control's team of licensed technicians are trained in preventive measures, including exclusion and elimination practices for the control of rodents.

Our first visit will require an inspection of the property and communication with you regarding activity and where you've seen or heard it. Your technician will locate any signs of concern as well as intrusion points into your home or roof and set up a plan of action for your location. We will implement the proper steps to eliminate these pests from your home or business as well as work with you on regular service to keep them from returning and becoming another problem.

Though rodents can be cute and fun in kids' cartoons, they are no laughing matter when it comes to your home or place of business. A rodent issue at your place of work can put you down for several days by chewing through your power lines or just being visible to your clientele, turning away current and potential customers. Your dedicated professionals at WB Pest Control are here to help, call us for more information or to schedule an appointment at +1(702) 866-BROS (2767)

Scorpion Cleanout

Scorpions will hunt in and around your home and vegetation for insects, centipedes, mice, lizards and even other scorpions. When out hunting, they may occasionally find their way into your home or place of business through gaps in doorways, open windows and other cracks or gaps. They can shrink down to the thickness of a credit card and squeeze into an area the size of a paper clip. Our team of licensed pest control technicians at WB Pest Control know scorpions and how to help.

Our initial visit is an intense treatment of the interior and exterior of your home including the perimeter and yard. Your technician will inspect your home for ways of entry and advise you on a plan to seal off those points. With regular monthly scorpion service, WB Pest Control will use top-notch pesticides to keep the scorpions at bay and work to keep the population in control. WB Pest Control also offers black lighting services to our clients as well, which can help to reduce the population faster as well as allow us to find the areas of greatest concentration. Unfortunately, with scorpions and their habits, we cannot guarantee complete elimination, but we can keep the numbers to a minimum and drastically reduce the population around your home or business.

Our team at WB Pest Control is greatly concerned with your family as we are with ours and we only use the products which we've found in our experience and the industry to be the best at reducing scorpion sightings. If you are dealing with scorpions, don't delay, give us a call today at +1(702) 866-BROS (2767)