Africanized Honey Bees are the reason we eat. Their little furry bodies collect pollen from one plant and transport it over to the next, allowing our vegetation to flourish. They are an essential part of the environment and their honey does wonders for a sore throat. Unfortunately, if bees congregate near your home (or in it), they can prove quite painful to your family, and deadly to anyone with a bee allergy.

Bee colonies include the queen bee who mates and lays eggs throughout her life, female worker bees that do not reproduce, and male drones who exist to fertilize the queen and then die. Due to their constant labor, female workers only live around six weeks yet queens can live up to five years (it's good to be the queen).

It isn't necessary to exterminate a hive living on your property as long as it isn't close to your home or another area frequently inhabited by people. However, if the bees pose a threat to your family, they should be removed. Do not try to do this yourself. When frightened, bees will attack in force, sending thousands of bees out to defend the hive. Complete removal of a hive (the only way to prevent them from returning) requires proper tools, know-how and protective clothing. WB Pest Control can help.

Bee Colony
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