Don't let the Disney movie fool you, ants are neither adorable nor entertaining. Depending on the species they can be harmful to people, pets, and your home. The most common varieties of ants in the Las Vegas valley include Argentine Ants, Southern Fire Ants, Black Ants, and Carpenter Ants.

Fire ants are the most aggressive of the varieties, showing no fear towards humans and biting when they are approached. Their bites are extremely painful and can cause dangerous allergic reactions in some. Carpenter Ants will not attack humans, but much like the termite, your house is their smorgasbord. They can cause a great deal of damage, eating their way through your home until there is nothing left for them to feast on. Argentine Ants don't bite or eat your house, but they know how to party. They breed so quickly that it only takes a few months for a single colony to take over your property with upwards of 500,000 ants.

The life cycle of an ant begins as an egg, hatches into larvae (grub-like), grows into pupae (adult-like with folded legs and antennae) and finally becomes an adult. Having apparently found the Fountain of Youth for Pests, worker ants can live up to 7 years and the queen may live up to 15.

Argentine Ant
Fire Ant
Carpenter Ant